Torea Gallery & Studios Inc.



Torea Gallery & Studios began in 1994 when a group of enterprising artists and craftspeople took over the former Granity Post Office in a ‘maintenance in lieu of rent’ arrangement.

After three years, the group decided that the money they were spending on maintenance would be better spent on buying the building, thus making a secure base for future artisans.

In 1997, with the assistance of a Lotteries Grant, a Prometheus loan, and money from Gallery members, the building was purchased from Telecom.

Through the dedicated work of volunteers, the Gallery is still going strong, with a variety of arts and crafts including handmade soap, clothing, jewellery, dolls, flaxwork, ceramics, paintings, cards, incense, crystals and mobiles.

The Gallery also stocks Trade Aid products, Tui balms, natural remedies, Tea tree products, and homemade lotions and creams.

Artwork samples: